TS research from 2018

For 5 years, my colleagues and I have written a yearly article reviewing recent key publications related to Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders. The finished “Highlights” articles are published in the Tics collection on the F1000Research platform. That task is getting harder as more and more research is published (see Figure). We are in the process […]

“I’ve found the answer to TS,” or why science isn’t faster

Recently someone with TS wrote me to say that he had discovered a trigger for tics and a potential treatment that might apply to others. I applaud his careful observations and willingness to share. But how can we move this observation forward? After all, numerous potential cures to TS have been proposed, ranging from antibiotics […]

Cannabidiol and the DEA

The US FDA approved Epidiolex® (cannabidiol, or CBD) for certain seizure syndromes in June, and today the DEA listed it as a Schedule V controlled substance (the least restrictive). This action will greatly facilitate clinical use and clinical trials of CBD in the U.S. Note that there is little evidence at this point that CBD […]

Testing a new strategy to treat Tourette syndrome in children

We were happy to participate in the first-ever study of a dopamine D1 blocking drug in children with TS. The study results were recently published, showing evidence of benefit without substantial side effects. Click here for additional background information, a summary of the results, and a link to the publication. (https://goo.gl/gh5YfM)

Tic suppression research

This web page describes a recent publication from Wash.U. and several other research sites on factors associated with successful tic suppression in 99 children and adolescents with a tic disorder.

Marijuana for tics?

Here’s a brief summary of what we know about cannabis and related drugs for treatment of tics.